Complimentary Plumage

A Male grouse in his mating attire. So Bold. So Bright.
Two Peacock Pheasants. These birds look like they're draped in jewels.



The Sugarbird and Protea on the left keep each other alive. The bird survives almost solely off of the flowers nectar while also being its primary pollinator.

The Kingfisher on the right just seemed to work so well with the shape of the foxglove.



My new home away from home. I just signed the lease to my new studio. It's going to take a while to grow into. Since the North Shore has been known to be the "jackpot zone" for blizzards this winter, the trek this morning was rather tricky. Thank goodness I have a delicious coffee house across the street.


West Elm

I was so happy to receive an email 6 months ago from an Etsy Admin asking if I'd be interested in putting a painting in West Elms Spring 2011 catalogue! Well, the catalogue just came out and you can see my "Two Barn Owls" painting hanging in one of their bedroom shots!

The print is available in my shop.


Featured Seller on Etsy

This was posted Dec. 31, 2010 - January 3, 2011. A great way to end the year and start a new one!


I seem to be drawn specifically to birds that are unusual. Birds with unique patterns or strange habits. To me, some of the most beautiful birds are considered unattractive to many. If you really look at a vulture for instance you'll see the subtle color shifts in its body, the precise and tidy layered feathers and the intensity of its stare. All equalling to a very interesting bird indeed.

I decided it might be nice to combine all of these so called "favorites" in a single painting. The Bowerbird, Helmeted Guineafowl, Ostrich, Flamingo, Egyptian Vulture, and Jacana are my top 6 birds of 2010.

Both available in my shop