A Gathering

I needed to shift gears today. I have done a few waterhole paintings but none with this much clarity and detail. I was excited about introducing the helmeted guinea fowls into the mix with their bold patterns. I like the format of the waterhole paintings, with the solid gouache "pools of water" combined with the detailed and washy animals. It introduces an interesting textural contrast.


The Neighbors

I've been hard at work developing a series of paintings that involve more complex compositions. I chose three birds that inherently have intricate patterns to pair with layered surroundings, hopefully evoking a sense of wildness.


Happy Valentines Day!

I'm having a Valentines Day sale today at my shop. Take 15% off your purchase using the coupon code "heart".


Something Simple

These birds have simple graphic designs that remind me a little of vintage christmas ornaments.


Shades of Green

Throughout the week I've continued to dream of warmer days. I noticed today my pallet has shifted to lots of greens. With both of these paintings I tried to work with cool and warm shades to create an interesting contrast.

P.S. If you've never heard of or seen photos of the eagle owl, here is a video to give you a taste. They're pretty darn cute!

Malay Eagle Owl - Kitty


Four New Prints!

"Red Cyclamen", "Great Horned Owl and Rose Bramble", "Tri Colored Heron", and "Spiny Lobster" all now available in my shop!


A Tropical Winter

While the temperature remains frigid outside, I spent most of the day dreaming of warm places and its native flora and fauna!


Tri Colored Heron

A Tri Colored Heron in shades of the primary colors. A nest of the same colors wrap closely around the bird. Sprigs of Daucus Carota (Queen Annes Lace) at the tops of the nest.