The spring has finally come to Salem, MA. All of the trees and bulbs in my neighborhood are blooming. I love walking to the studio now with the heaps of pink petals on the ground like a dusting of snow. Its also a treat to have the birds back! I love winter, but spring makes me crazy (in a good way). I've been spending a lot of time in my small garden. We moved into our home two years ago. The backyard was mostly dirt and weeds. Little by little we started adding our favorite plants. Now, we're finally in a place we're big decisions will be made. This weekend we'll be adding a new nook complete with trellises, espaliered fruit trees, and a place to sip our morning coffee!! Alas, all this gardening on the mind has got me thinking once again about chickens. After all a garden isn't complete without a coop full of these feathery friends. Right?!

Plymouth Rock - Barred chicken and Polish - Golden Laced Chicken

Who wouldn't want these two clucking around their garden?

Americauna Chicken