New Zealand!

Over the summer I worked on a commission for a wonderful customer over in Australia. We worked together on coming up with something that included birds native to New Zealand, the country she grew up in. The painting "Drifts, Pods, and Slippers" is a nurse log with the Kiwi and the New Zealand Pigeon the Kereru.

Today, thinking back to this commission I made a painting dedicated primarily to the Kiwi.


Before the Storm

I have been so lucky to have these fresh cut zinnia flowers from my garden ALL summer long. Every morning there are a few new stems to cut.

I set out to have a day of painting thinking a Hurricane was creeping its way towards us. Surprisingly the North Shore was mostly spared from Irene. Got some rain, got some wind... but thats about it. Here is a finished painting called "Chickadees and Avocado Tree" much inspired by my 1 year old avocado plant.



Every summer I get into a mode of collecting whether its a handful of shells and stones from my (somewhat) daily walk to the shore with Lucy (the dog), fresh cut flowers from the garden, or newly made terrariums from old ball jars from Maine.