Having a Ball

So far this fall, many projects are being checked off the ever growing list. To name a few we started our kitchen redo, made jars upon jars of spicy pickles, and met with a carpenter who will be making custom frames for all of my prints and paintings which will be available in my shop in the next few weeks! Lots of exciting things on the horizon!

Here is a new group of feathers... reminiscent of a kissing ball.


For the Whale Lovers

I had many requests over the weekend to do a new stack of whales. Here is a stack of six. From top to bottom: Grey Whale, Beluga Whale, Sperm Whale, Humpback Whale, Narwhal Whale, and the Bowhead Whale.


Feather Bundles

A new group of feathers. Mostly inspired by pheasant, owl, and peacock feathers.


Seaside in September

First of all Happy September to everyone! I hate to say it but I'm slightly relieved the "summer" months are over. I do love summer, for all it offers... I just find myself more productive in fall and winter. Anyway here is a seaside inspired painting with two birds, The Great White Pelican and the Tri-Colored Heron I can't seem to stop painting.