"Three Ostriches" ...................................................................."Aphids"

This past weekend we went up to Plumb Island again in hopes of seeing some migratory birds. Luckily we weren't the only ones who had this thought. We were accompanied by many intense "birders". When you see a group of these folks set up with their scopes you know there is something worth seeing. Sure enough they all had their eyes on a snowy owl. Without one of these scopes it looked like a speck in the distance but with it you could see every feather. This was my first owl sighting. I'm not sure if it really counts considering I still had to look through a lens but it was great. I spend so much time looking at these birds on the page, when seeing one in real life its like spotting a celebrity. With that said I can not imagine seeing an ostrich up close. Maybe someday!

Above are two new paintings. Three stacked Ostriches on the left and a bush of roses with an aphid infested bud on the right.


The Crowd As Pattern

"Guineafowl Migration"
"Verdant Nest"

"Three Guineafowl"

I'm currently working on a series of paintings that uses the repetition
of a particular bird as a means for creating pattern.



"Crane Garden"

This painting was done in watercolor and gouache on hot press watercolor paper. A line of sandhill cranes marching through a garden made up of chestnut tree branches, roses, a joshua tree limb, peace lilys, paddle plants, and a few different varieties of cactus.