"Bird Sanctuary No.1"

At the bird sanctuary I find I spend almost all of my time leaning awkwardly and peering through brush and branches to get a glimpse. This painting is sort of inspired by that. The only birds I've actually seen are the herons, swans, and cardinals. However, I would imagine somewhere there is a collection like this one. 

"Bird Sanctuary" In Progress

In between the busy and exciting projects Jeremy and I have been covering new grounds on the North Shore. It amazes me how long it takes to really get to know where you live. Its year two... or three? and we've just recently discovered places that have literally taken our breath away.

We have our very own bird sanctuary 10 minutes from our house. This place has given both of us huge inspiration for new work. We immediately became members and have vowed that we will visit at least once a week. Our first visit felt like the part in "Funny Farm", when all of the animals are released to impress the potential buyers. Every step we took we were amazed. There is a trail called "Hemlock Trail". The forest opens up like a cathedral with tall perfectly straight trees and a cushion of red pine needles along the floor. We walked quietly through and noticed two deer bounding ahead. We stood still and looked around. We were standing in the middle of 15 or so deer lounging. All eyes on us. In addition there are resident chickadees that insist on eating seed from the palm of your hand.

Of course I forgot to bring my camera along, but I've attached some photos of a few other new favorite places and some work in progress inspired by the audubon!