Work in Progress

A few new paintings in the works. A giant leaf bug and a nest of cacti. You can't really tell from the photo above but the leaf bug has layers upon layers of washes and glazes which make the detail and brushstrokes look like they are floating in glass. More detailed shots to come.



The air is different in Maine. When Jeremy and I are longing for some quiet we pack up the car (lucy in tow... and sometimes the cat too!) and drive to Maine. My family has a house in Bethel, which is home to sunday river. The summers here bring me back to my childhood. The sound of crickets and owls, the show of fireflys at night, and the many slightly odd animal sightings (think mother fox with a neat stack of 5-6 miscellaneous dead animals in her mouth, who Jeremy lovingly called "groceries" every time we saw her) are only a few details that make it one of my favorite places to escape. Everyone is in peace up here. It takes a while to pile all of our belongings and supplies in the car but is always worth it once we arrive.  

"Estelle's Spot" is a new place we found over Jeremy's birthday weekend. A trail in the woods led us to a deafeningly loud sound of thousands upon thousands of wood frogs singing their mating song. I never experienced anything quite like it. These frogs were so loud at times you had to cup your ears to get relief.  Also, check out the interesting mosses and "red pixie cup" lichen we came across along the way!   

Lucy the dog