Hummingbirds and Joshua Tree No. 2

I've been wanting to return back to painting with acrylic and oil on canvas and have recently had the chance to start. Using thick passages of paint, layering glazes, and sanding back to reveal the first round of color used to be what I loved most about painting. The past few years I've been sticking mostly to watercolor. Its a great medium for many reasons and I will certainly continue working with them but there is something really nice about being able to build up paint and create real texture! 


Bird Sanctuary No. 2

Watercolor and gouache on paper. 12" x 13"



"Winter Woods and Wild Turkeys"
watercolor and gouache on paper. 12" x 16"


My Two Barn Owls and Feathers, Pods, and Wings are now available as stretched canvas from Urban Outfitters.

A Winter in Maine

We have moved. If you need me I will be in Maine for the winter. 
I can already see my pallet shifting to cool greys and ochres. So far
what I like the most about being here:
1. It has snowed at least once a day
2. There isn't a single traffic light...  
3. I have LOTS of time to paint!

My new studio space.... for now.