Thinking Botanical

 The spring is very slow to arrive up here in Maine... although it seems its just around the corner?! The gardening itch is in full swing and I've been living in these plant studies!  We're anxiously waiting to find out if/where/when we will be moving in the next few months. The first thing I plan to do before even unpacking is starting a small test garden of all the wonderful varieties of heirloom bulbs and flowers to paint from. For now all I can do is arrange them in painitngs!

 protea and foxglove study

 Mourning Irises and Wood Ducks 

 pincushion flower study

 Imperial Fritillaria study


  1. So lovely. I especially like the pincushion flower.

  2. Will these end up in the shop???
    How do you decide what makes the cut?

    1. A few of these will most likely make it to the shop and a few will be used for projects outside of my shop. Email me if you have any other questions! (greenowl.projects@gmail.com)