"Night Loon and Wild Roses"

I'm really excited about this one! Our backyard is filled with all kinds of different roses and they're all blooming right now. Cutting big bunches of them to paint from has been heaven.  Prints will soon be available in my unitedthread shop. I also want to see this design on fabric. Maybe a pillow cover?!


Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of the most lovely house plants with all of its twists, texture, and varying shades of green! There is something so nice about painting a single plant and focusing on all of the subtle shifts in form and color.

Now available as a print in my Unitedthread shop! 


"Floral Bluff with Distant Pelicans No.2" 

watercolor and gouache on paper. 12" x 16"

This is part of my ongoing landscape series I've been doing. You can find most of these at my new shop on etsy www.etsy.com/shop/MichelleMorinArt which is primarily a collection of landscapes, seascapes and more observational work.